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Dating For Gamers

So, you’re looking for a date with another gamer. Perhaps you’re very interested in gaming yourself and would like to have someone to share this passion with. You’re probably thinking that in this society, only a small percentage of the population are gamers, and people are in general more interested in more condifent, well-spoken and social girls/guys.

But let me tell you, it’s 2019 and gamers are growing rapidly in numbers. Gaming is growing in prestige, as it’s now more connected to mental capacity, skills and perhaps even fame and money, more than: ‘oh, you’re still playing video games?’

It is true that true gamers are typically more introvert and for that reason go less out, they are less outspoken and obviously less flirty. The chance of you making the first move as an introvert is very unlikely and you’re probably always waiting for the other person to make a move first. Let me tell you right away, if you’re a guy, that’s just never gonna happen. You NEED to make the first move if you ever want to go on a date with someone.

Since you’re probably not interested in walking down the streets looking for a potential date, looking online is probably your best bet. It’s an excellent way of pushing your introverted personality, but not too much.

If you’re a gamer girl (like me), you’re not exactly in the majority and it’s going to be fairly easy to find another guy whos interested in games to date. But if you’re a gamer guy looking for a gamer girl, you’re among the 95% looking for the minority 5%. Luckily though, this disparity is shrinking rapidly.

There is a massive growing interest in games among girls, let me tell you.

Bilderesultat for girl cosplay

Bilderesultat for girl gamers

There are many girl gamers and just like you, they are a bit introverted, but it doesn’t mean that they are not looking for dates.  I have by now been on many dates with gamer guys which I have met both through playing online games and classical dating websites. I would probably recommend the dating websites, especially if you’re a guy looking for a girlgamer, as there are far less girls playing games than guys, and they often don’t want to reveal their gender while playing games.

I will now recommend some sites I have good experience with, where you can find people that share your passion (gaming included of course 😉 ). I will start off first with some classical dating websites for long-term relationships, and a few more for those whos just looking for a ‘fling’ with someone.

The first website I recommend is


A large dating website with options to toggle interest in games and find other gamers like yourself. I have had some sucess on this website and can definitely recommend it.


A good website for just having a fling and easy to connect with others for all you introverts out there 😉



A bit messy in the beginning, but after signing up , it’s very easy to choose category and search for people with similar interest to yourself. Like Ashleymadison, this website is also mostly for flings and things like that for you who are interested in that.